Chennai to Nellai Vande Bharat will be inaugurated on September 24: Time Schedule, Ticket Details

Chennai to Nellai Vande Bharat

Chennai to Tirunelveli train Vande Bharat

Vande Bharat train between Nellai and Chennai will be operated from 24th. Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate it through video. The trial run for this was held yesterday. From Chennai reached Tirunelveli via Trichy, Virudhunagar. Passengers were excited when they saw the Vande Bharat train. To travel from 25th onwards, bookings can be made online or through booking centres.

Travel time

Arrival Departure Stations Arrival Departure
13:50 —- Chennai Egmore —- 14:50
13:13 13:15 Tambaram 15:13 15:15
11:54 11:56 Villuppuram Junction 16:39 16:41
09:50 09:55 Tiruchchirappalli Junction 18:40 18:45
08:40 08:42 Dindigul Junction 19:56 19:58
07:50 07:55 Madurai Junction 20:40 20:50
07:13 07:15 Virudhunagar Junction 21:13 21:15
—- 06:00 Tirunelveli Junction 22:40 —-

Vande Bharat train Ticket Details

Vande Bharat train Air-Conditioned Executive Class (EC) Chair Car (CC)
Base Fare 2391 1172
Resv 60 40
Sup 75 45
Catg 370 300
GST 126 63
Total Fare 3025 1620


  • Also, 2 meals will be provided to the passengers in this train. Tea, coffee, soup, biscuits etc.  will be provided along with lunch and dinner.
  • Although this train does not have a pantry car facility, food is arranged by IRCTC.
  • The ticket price is inclusive of food.

Chennai-Nellai Vande Bharat Train will run from this Month (July) 2023

View the Chennai-Nellai Vande Bharat Train will run from this Month (July) 2023 through the above link.

Coimbatore – Bengaluru Vande Bharat

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How long is the Vande Bharat from Chennai to Tirunelveli?

  • The train will complete the journey in 7.5 hours.

What is the time of Vande Bharat Express in Tirunelveli?

  • Following its inauguration, the Tirunelveli-Chennai Vande Bharat Express is expected to depart at 6 AM daily and arrive in Chennai around 1:50 PM.

Is Vande Bharat Express expensive?

  • Ticket price is AC Chair car ticket Rs 1970.
  • Executive Chair Car Rs 3535.

Is WIFI available in Vande Bharat?

  • The train also has onboard hotspot Wi-Fi.

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