Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund .. One day salary of government employees .. Government of Tamil Nadu released by the government!

The Government of Tamil Nadu has issued an order to pay the one day salary of government employees to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund.

According to a statement issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has expressed his willingness to contribute one day’s salary to the Public Relief Fund for government officials, employees and teachers in support of the Government’s efforts to protect the people of Tamil Nadu from the corona virus.

The Government has decided to give serious consideration to the above option of the Public Service Unions and accept it. Accordingly, the government officials, for the measures taken by the government for the prevention and relief of the spread of corona virus infection.The Government mandates that the one-day pay of employees and teachers for one day or more be paid at their own discretion, following the following procedures, withholding from pay for the month of May or June 2021 and allowing it to be paid into the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund.

Officers / staff / teachers who wish to contribute to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund for a period of one day or more should submit their wishes in writing to the concerned Remuneration Officer. Employees’ one day’s pay should be calculated based on the net pay for the month in which the favorite is made.To that end, payroll officers can calculate employees’ pay for one day or more, using methods in the integrated financial and human resource management system. Thus stated in this report.

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