Corona Cases is only 2458 people in Tamil Nadu today .. but the death toll has a rise again in past few days

In Tamil Nadu, 2458 people have been confirmed infected with the virus today, while today alone 55 people have died of corona. The death toll in the state has been on the rise for the past few days.

The curfew has been extended till July 19 due to the spread of corona in Tamil Nadu. The virus has been on the decline in the state since the curfew was first enforced last May.

In Tamil Nadu, the incidence of the virus has been steadily declining for the past 53 days, and today is the 54th day that the incidence of corona has dropped. A total of 2,458 people, including 116 children under the age of 12, have been confirmed infected in Tamil Nadu today. Also, three of the corona victims today are from the northern states of Tamil Nadu. According to the health department, 1.46 lakh people in the state were tested for corona today

The death toll in the state has continued to rise over the past few days despite the declining corona impact. In Tamil Nadu, 36 people were killed by corona on June 12 and 48 yesterday. In this situation, the corona death toll has risen further today. A total of 55 people have died of corona in the state today. 16 of them were treated in private hospitals and 39 in government hospitals.

And 20 of the deaths today are without any co-morbidities. Similarly 13 people are under 50 years of age. So far a total of 33,557 people in the state have died from corona. There are currently 30,600 active cases in Tamil Nadu and today alone 3,021 people have recovered from corona. In Tamil Nadu so far 24,62,244 people have recovered from corona.

As in the past few weeks, Coimbatore is still the worst hit state in the state. Corona has been confirmed for 270 people in Coimbatore today. Corona was found in 175 people in Erode and 171 in Tanjore. Apart from these, Chennai (153), Chengalpattu (131), Salem (164) and Tiruppur (146) districts alone have more than 100 cases.

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