Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Vaccination Procedure in Apollo Hospital

Apollo hospital Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) vaccination procedure

1. Register on apollo hospital website: or use the kiosk machines available at the hospital reception

2. Do not make payment for registration. Just select “Pay at counter”. You will receive confirmation message in your mobile number.
3. Show the message at the counter and pay 250rs for Covid-19 vaccine
4. Proceed to the Government desk where they will note down Aadhar number and send you to the vaccination section
5. Show them the payment slip and the slip from aadhar person and get the vaccination done.

6. Wait for 10minutes after vaccination in the observation room. If everything’s normal, you can leave and come back for 2nd dose on the date (generally 42 days from the first dose given. But please follow the prescribed date) prescribed by the hospital.

Note: Aadhar verification step has a bit of a queue. So be prepared to wait 30 minutes minimum

What type of COVID -19 vaccine is given in Apollo Hospital?

Covishield in Apollo Hospital and the cost

  • Covishield is the vaccine readily available at Apollo hospitals.

Cost: Rs. 250/-

Covaxin in Apollo Hospital and the cost

  • Covaxin can be availed on request
  • There will be a waiting period (maximum 7 days) after booking for Covaxin

Cost: Rs. 250/-

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