Decline in Chennai’s covid infection test positive rate after 23 days..

The corona, which peaked at 7564 on May 12 in Chennai, has reached below 2,000 in 23 days. The death toll is still high in Chennai. But due to the government’s curfew, the spread of corona in Chennai began to decline. Another important reason is that the spread of corona is said to have decreased in Chennai as many people have moved to their hometowns from Chennai.

Corona Decline Corona spread has been declining rapidly for the past two weeks, reaching a peak in Chennai. It has gone from 7 thousand to 4 thousand and then to less than 2 thousand now.

In Chennai today, 1971 people have been infected in just one day. Earlier yesterday the number was 2062. The death toll from Corona in Chennai was 68 yesterday. That number has risen to 71 today. Although the incidence of infections in Chennai has decreased, the death toll has not decreased till date.

But the number of patients being treated in hospital with corona infection has dropped dramatically. The number has dropped from 28186 yesterday to 26722 today. And the number of people recovering from the disease has risen sharply. In Chennai today alone 3364 people have recovered. So far 479145 people have recovered from the infection in Chennai.

Commenting on the impact of the Chennai Govt, Govt Data Analyst Vijayanand said, “The daily daily outbreak in Chennai has dropped to 1,971 below 2000 (as on April 10), down from April 10 to May 7, from 7564 in 23 days. It has reached Chennai. The number of infections has dropped significantly in the last 23 days. The positive rate has come down to 6%. The number of active patients has come down to 26,722.

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