Jallikattu Competition 2024 in Avaniyapuram, Madurai

Avaniyapuram Jallikattu Competition 2024 in Madurai

Preparations for the Avaniyapuram jallikattu competition, the first competition of Tamil Nadu organized by the government, have started. Pre-preparatory work for setting up Vadivasal and galleries in Palamedu and Alankanallur is also underway.

The district administration has announced that only native cows will be allowed to participate in Jallikattu competitions in Avaniyapuram Madurai and crossbred cows will not be allowed to participate.

Jallikattu competitions, which showcase the culture and valor of Tamils, are traditionally held in southern districts on the occasion of Pongal. While jallikattu competitions are held at more than 350 places across Tamil Nadu, the Jallikattu competitions held at Avaniyapuram, Palamedu and Alankanallur in Madurai district are world famous.

Palamedu, Alanganallur Jallikattu remains permanent. Therefore, the work to prepare the wadivasal and the space for setting up the galleries has started. This year various prizes like

  • Car,
  • Bike,
  • Winner of each round,
  • Gold coins for bulls,
  • Bureau,
  • Bed,
  • Washing machine,
  • Mixer etc.

will be given to the best bullfighters who win each year in Avaniyapuram, Palamedu, Alanganallur Jallikattu.

Municipal Corporation Mayor Indrani said, “Last year, there was no loss of life or major injuries in Jallikattu in Avaniyapuram. Similarly, preparations are underway to successfully conduct an injury-free jallikattu competition this year. Safe galleries for visitors to sit, toilets and drinking water facilities will be provided. Temporary hospitals to provide first aid treatment in case of injuries, appointment of medical teams is going on.

We are planning to install CCD cameras so that the competitions can be conducted better. A committee consisting of Municipal Engineer, Municipal Officer and Health workers has been formed to carry out the work for Jallikattu competitions. We are planning to carry out these works at a total cost of Rs.50 lakh,” he said.

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