Lakshmi Machine Works of Coimbatore provides ISRO with a payload for the GSLV MK-III mission.

On April 2, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) received a composite Ogive Payload Fairing for the GSLV MK-III from the Lakshmi Machine Works Advanced Technology Centre (LMW ATC) in Coimbatore.

The payload fairing protects the satellite from aerodynamic, thermal, and acoustic stressors and is mounted atop a launch vehicle.

The four segments of the GSLV MK-III payload fairing are the boat tail, cylinder, ogive, and nose cap. The payload fairing has a diameter of five meters and a height of 10.75 meters.

“We are immensely proud of Coimbatore’s LMW ATC for their significant achievement in successfully delivering India’s first privately industry-realised composite Ogive Payload Fairing for the GSLV MK-III project to ISRO,” Tamil Nadu industries minister TRB Rajaa said.

The achievement highlights LMW ATC’s inventiveness and Coimbatore’s growing power in the aerospace and defense industries. The minister stated that this is just one more illustration of Coimbatore’s invaluable contribution to Tamil Nadu and India.

“Tamil Nadu remains committed to fostering an ecosystem conducive to innovation and high-value job creation. The successful collaboration between LMW ATC and ISRO underscores our state’s capacity to contribute significantly to critical national projects and the global space industry,” he said.

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