List of Police Stations in Tamil Nadu

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  1. Subject: Always felicitate the honest person.

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to inform you that three years ago, I found one bag on the local train in Mumbai. It contains the product of Tally Prime Solutions Pvt. Ltd. worth Rupees 15 lakhs. I am the honest person therefore, I went to the local police station. They read the address and told me this company is based in Bangalore. It is better if you go to Bangalore and return it to the Company. You will get your fare and cash rewards also. Because you are honestly handing it over the products of Rs.15 lakhs. In this connection I had also sent you an email also. You can check it. You told me to return it. I wanted to go there when suddenly Corona Virus came and it was not possible for me to go there. I kept these products with me for three years and after three years I went there to return it to the Company General Manager Mr. Bharat Goenka.

    I made one mistake that I had not informed you and did not inform Bharat Goenka. The company address is Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.AMR Tech Park II, No. 23 & 24,
    Hongasandra, Hosur Main Road,Bengaluru – 560 068. India.Tel: +91 80 66282559 Here I got the treatment just like a black dog. The General Manager did not come out of the office and did not meet me. He was busy inConference video calling. The office boy told me to go back to Mumbai. I came back to Mumbai. I spent three days travelling and spent Rs. three thousand rupees also. It was a horrible experience of my life. In this connection I would like to inform you that in today’s life dishonesty is the best policy. It is a seal pack product, easily I can sell it and make Rs. 5 lakhs. But I am an honest person therefore I went there to return the product and I got black dog treatment. Now I request you to call Bharat Goenka in your office and discuss this matter in detail. I request you to call me there in your office and felicitate me and give me cash rewards also. Because I belong to a financially backward class. I will return the products to you personally. Also tell him to deposit Rs. 3,000/- in my account. My bank account details are as under.

    Name of the account holder: Sanaullah Wali Mohammad
    Saving account no.: 750101001017712
    Kokan Mercantile Bank.
    Branch Kausa, Mumbra.

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