Separate polling station .. We drove super .. Thanks to the government .. Blind people expressed their Happiness..

The blind people thanked the Tamil Nadu government for setting up a separate polling station and facilitating voting. Voting for the Assembly elections across Tamil Nadu ended with a bang yesterday. Measures were taken at the polls as the corona infection was spreading.

Similarly, special polling booths were set up for the convenience of the blind.There are more than 250 blind families living in Nagamangalam village under Srirangam assembly constituency in Trichy district. A special polling booth was set up at Gandhinagar in Nagamangalam for them to cast their votes. The total number of voters in this polling station is 115. Of these, 65 are male voters and 50 are female voters. All of them are blind.

Forms in Braille – The ballot papers were placed in the polling booth for the visually impaired to know the candidate’s name and symbols in Braille without any assistance. Thus the blind came eagerly and did their democratic duty. Some of the blind people who voted in this regard said: – We are fulfilling our democratic duty by voting in all elections.

When we go to the polls, someone will pity us and say, “The blind man is coming, stay away.” Some will say, “Stand in line and drive. We have work to do.” That was the situation we had to go to and vote for.

It is very useful to have set up a separate polling booth for us in the last parliamentary election. We are currently voting in a separate polling station for the first time in the Assembly elections. They thanked the government for setting up a separate polling station for us.

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