The number of active corona patients is still high in these 6 districts – Data Report

Govt Data Analyst Vijayanand said that 6 districts including Erode, Salem, Trichy, Namakkal, Tiruppur and Coimbatore have the highest number of active patients being treated for coronavirus. In his tweet, he said the corona impact is highest in Tamil Nadu. Where there is less. Where there are more active patients. Has reported.

According to the information in it, the number of active patients in the districts in the Kongu region is much higher than in other districts. Despite the high number in Chennai, the number of corona patients has been declining for the past one week.

40570 patients are being treated in Coimbatore, 18594 in Tirupur and 16093 in Erode. 11013 patients are being treated in Trichy, 8762 in Salem and 7285 in Namakkal as active patients. The number of patients is increasing in the above 6 districts only. Is declining in other districts.

In 6 districts including Erode, Salem, Trichy, Namakkal, Tiruppur and Coimbatore, not only the number of patients but also the daily incidence is high. 1653 people in Erode, 1338 in Tirupur, 1140 in Salem, 987 in Trichy, 914 in Namakkal and 3332 in Coimbatore have been confirmed infected today.

In most districts of Tamil Nadu the percentage of patients currently being treated is only one or 2 or 3 per cent as compared to the total. But Coimbatore has 13 per cent, followed by Chennai at 8 per cent, Erode at 6 per cent, Tirupur at 5 per cent, Chengalpattu at 4 per cent and Trichy at 4 per cent.

Namakkal has 3 per cent, Thanjavur 3 per cent, Kanyakumari 3 per cent, Tiruvallur 3 per cent, Madurai 2 per cent, Virudhunagar 2 per cent, Nilgiris 2 per cent, Thoothukudi 2 per cent, Cuddalore 2 per cent, Thiruvarur 2 per cent, Theni 2 per cent and Kanchipuram 2 per cent. Krishnagiri, Thiruvannamalai, Karur and Vellore account for about 2 per cent of corona patients, according to Govt Data Analyst Vijay Anand.

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