Viral hit Enjoy Enjaami crosses 76 Million views on YouTube

Enjoy Enjaami, the viral sensational hip hop song released on 7th March, has already crossed 76 million views on YouTube, becoming one of the top watched videos on YouTube.

Enjoy Enjaami song was produced by Maajja, a platform for South Asian independent musicians created by A.R. Rahman. The song was sung by Dhee and Arivu.

Watch the song below:

Enjoy Enjaami is a commentary on the oppression of the feudal system, landless farmers and the oppressive caste system. Arivu, the song writer explained that the song is the story of his grandmother who was a tea plantation worker.

Arivu explained each song of his speaks about equality, annihilation of caste and land. Enjaami means my dear, but was also used in the master-slave context, when the landless farmers referred to the feudal lord as Enjaami (My Lord) for their salaries.

“I didn’t decide my caste. It is a mindset which makes people think others are not equal to you. My aim was to speak to young people about it through this song because they are the future. I want to create a discussion around it because everything is connected with caste. But I didn’t want to do it in a preachy way, no one will listen then”, he said.

However, not everyone has welcomed his political commentary. He is often told to not focus on such loaded topics and instead write about love and friendship. “But how can I do that when there’s a manual scavenger in front of me cleaning the drain. How will they understand my story?”


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